Step by Step – Install Microsoft RDS Licensing on Windows Server 2016

This blog post is part of a series covering the installation and configuration of Citrix XenApp 7.13 on Windows Server 2016.

This is the manual part where we are doing a next, next, I agree walk-through for all of you that are new to Citrix XenApp or want to see what changed in the installation from previous versions.

Today we are going to install one prerequisite that we need for our Citrix environment – Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Licensing.

In the smaller environment, I typically tend to install the Microsoft Licensing component on the same server as the Citrix Licensing Server. The bigger the environment the more likely you will have separate systems for infrastructure component installation.

If you want to have an overview of the High Availability for RDS deployment you should check this Technet article. You also find the following statement regarding the other options of fault tolerance you might think about…

There are two deployment configurations that are not supported:

Clustering RD Connection Broker servers on RD Virtualization Host servers.
An active-active RD Connection Broker installation.

To install it you need to switch to the Server manager and start the Add Roles and Features Wizard. Click NEXT.


Choose Role-based or feature-based installation. Click NEXT.


As we are on the server where we want to install RDS Licensing click NEXT.


On the next screen scroll down to Remote Desktop Services and place a checkmark left on it. Click NEXT.


In the next screen leave everything untouched. Click NEXT.




Now place a checkmark left to Remote Desktop Services Licensing. Click Add features in the opening window.


In the next screen click NEXT.


Everything we need is now selected and ready for installation. Click INSTALL.


You can watch the progress if you like or grab a cup of coffee ;-). But be quick it won´t take long.


After the installation finishes click CLOSE.


And for today we are finished with this installation-quicky.

The following Windows Roles and Features were installed:

  • DisplayName : Remote Desktop Services
  • DisplayName : Remote Desktop Licensing
  • DisplayName : Remote Differential Compression
  • DisplayName : Remote Server Administration Tools
  • DisplayName : Role Administration Tools
  • DisplayName : Remote Desktop Services Tools
  • DisplayName : Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoser Tools
  • DisplayName : Remote Desktop Licensing Tools

I hope this blog post helped you a bit. In a later one, we will configure RDS Licensing.



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